Finally receive the email that reads; “Passed”.

“I passed on my first attempt with this guide. I tried a lot of other resources, which just ended up wasting my time(and money). Please don’t hesitate to buy this guide, it saved me a lot of headache and frustration.” – Brittany, Future Middle School Teacher

“I was so frustrated with the science portion of this exam, but your guide saved me. THANK YOU!”. – Kaylee, Future Middle School Teacher

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What’s In The Core Subjects Guide?

  • Proven strategies to help make you successful in passing.
  • 36 Science questions, that are almost identical to what’s on the exam.
  • 74 ELA questions, that are almost identical to what’s on the exam.
  • 41 Social Studies questions, that are almost identical to what’s on the exam. 
  • 40+ MATH Questions(NO ANSWER KEY).
  • No fluff, just what you need to study, a straight to the point guide.
  • Answer Key included. 

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Who are these guides meant for?

This guide is meant to help anyone that plans to take the TEXES Core Subjects 4-8(211) exam. It will really help those who have not taken the test yet, giving them a plethora of information of what to expect. Even for those who have taken it multiple times, it will give other approaches you may not have thought of.

Will this guide help me pass?

Yes! It has helped other test takers pass. But that being said, this exam is challenging and may require a little bit more studying beyond this guide.

Has anyone passed with the help of this guide?

Yes! This guide has helped a lot of test takers get a passing score of 240 or higher. 

Does this guide come with an answer key?

Yes is does! Please read the disclaimer below for more details.

What are you using to process the payments?

We use Samcart to distribute the guide, and then Stripe to process the payment. 

Do you guarantee a passing score?

We do! We personally know how frustrating not passing a certification exam can be. We are here to help, not kick you while you’re down.

***If you don’t pass after you have purchased this guide(only guide and no additional purchases will be refunded), send us the results showing a 238 or less score and date(please block out personal information, besides name). And we will gladly refund your money.***

Do you offer refunds?

Our guarantee does not mean we offer refunds. Our guarantee is to help you pass with confidence, not for us to be taken advantage of. We understand money may be tight at times, but helping you pass this exam will greatly increase your income(a lot of teachers are starting out at $50k+). If we can’t afford to stay in business, then we can’t help others be successful. 

How will I receive this guide when purchased?

As a PDF file download. Once you submit your payment through Samcart, you will be provided access to download the PDF file.

Have a question that isn’t answered?

We would love to help you in anyway we can. Please fill out the following Google Form, and we’ll try to respond as soon as we can.

Why should I buy this guide?

I personally have taken this exam and many other TEXES certification exams, and I always have the same problem: I couldn’t find practice questions that were actually like the exam questions. I honestly didn’t have all this time to be studying random topics, that may or may not be on the actual exam.

I wanted to build an actual study guide that got straight to the point. A guide that gave me questions that were almost identical to the actual exam. I only had enough time in my schedule to just practice those questions. Now with this guide, you can do just that. Study what you need to, and move on with the more important matters in life. No need to re-take an exam, or worrying about having to take it multiple times, or spending more money. With this guide, you just keep practicing the questions on it, over and over, and when you actually take the exam, you will feel more confident and know what to expect.

***Dis-claimer: ELA, Social Studies, and Science, these three sections have answer keys. The answer keys are not 100% correct, but are no less than 90% correct. If your gut tells you to choose another answer than what is on the answer key, then choose that one. This guide is meant to help you on the questions themselves. Please study the answer to choose wisely.***

***Second dis-claimer: Math portion does not come with answer key. Some of the questions are not all filled out. We are not doing this intentionally, we are just trying to give you as much as possible to help you pass this portion of the exam.***

ELA, Social Studies, Science, And Math


New Offer

We are in the process of offering an online community to better serve you.

The online community site will offer the following:

Monthly Webinars

-Testing software with questions from our guides.

-Member Forum(talk and work with other test takers who are taking the same exam)

-Success Board(share your victory when you pass, to help others do the same)

-Testing Partners(we have found test takers perform better when they have a testing partner)

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Need More Help?

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