Technology Applications 242 Study Guide

2023 Updated Version

Take the stress out of studying. Know what to expect on the exam. Feel confident the day of. Don’t waste time studying for random topics. Have a focused and centralized way to study.


What’s included:

  • What to expect when taking the test.
  • Sample questions(50+)
  • Focused key terms with links to videos that explain the concepts.
  • Helpful ways to approach the exam.

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Helping teachers move their careers forward:

“I passed my exam on the first try. Thanks for all your help. I really think your guide helped immensely. ” – J, Middle School Teacher and Coach

“Thank you for this site!” – Rachel, Middle School Teacher

“This guy knows his stuff!!!” – Jake, High School Teacher

“I wish I had this guide before I took the exam the first time.” – Bridgette, High School Teacher

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Don’t waste time looking up terms and their definitions. Don’t feel lost on not knowing what to expect. Feel confident and ready to take this exam.

Take the exam. Pass it, and move on to the more important things in life(like lesson plans, jk jk definitely not lesson plans).


Frequently Asked Questions

Who’s this guide made for?

This guide is meant to help anyone that plans to take the Technology Applications 242 EC-12 exam. It will really help those who have not taken the test yet, giving them a plethora of information of what to expect. Even for those who have taken it multiple times, it will give other approaches you may not have thought of. 


Will this guide help me pass?

Yes! It has helped other teachers pass. But that being said, this exam is hard and requires extensive studying. 


Has anyone passed with the help of this guide?

Yes! This guide has helped a lot of teachers get a passing grade of 240 or higher. 


Why are you charging for this resource?

I put a lot of time and effort into this study guide. Also, the overhead for this website is going up as more visitors visit daily.


What are you using to process the payments?

I am using SendOwl to distribute the guide, and then Stripe to process the payment.


What if I have buyers remorse?

I guarantee you won’t. Purchase this guide, use it to study, and take the exam. If you don’t pass the exam and feel like this guide didn’t help at all, send a screenshot of your failing grade, and I’ll gladly refund you your money back. I’m here to help you be successful, not add stress to your life. 

***If you don’t pass after you have purchased this guide(only guide and no additional purchases will be refunded), send us the results showing a 238 or less score and date(please block out personal information, besides name). And we will gladly refund your money.***


How will I receive this guide when purchased?

As a PDF file download. Once you submit your payment through Samcart, you will be provided access to download the PDF file.

Why should I buy this guide?

I honestly had trouble finding reliable study materials out there that would truly prepare me for this exam.

x-30465_960_720Misleading questions:


x-30465_960_720Unfinished resources:


x-30465_960_720Outdated information:


x-30465_960_720Overload of unnecessary information:


You’re going to need more than flashcards:


The answer:

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I created a guide that far out beats what’s out there. Up to date information, reliability, straight to the point, and finished.

I truly believe my guide will help you focus on what you need to, while also taking the stress out of not knowing what to expect. It has helped other teachers pass. 

Cost: $49

Disclaimer: Not all the questions on this study guide are concise and specific, and some of them do not have all the multiple choice answers. These are sample questions only. The purpose of this guide is to give you an idea of the type of questions to expect on the Tech Apps 242 exam, also to share helpful strategies used by successful test takers.

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***If you purchase this guide: please be on the lookout for a thank you email. It will sometimes gets put under the “Spam” folder. It will be separate from the confirmation email you’ll receive from Samcart. Thank you!***

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