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Finally Get The Email That Reads, “Passed”.

Taking the TExES exam can be so frustrating. Sometimes even de-moralizing. I know personally, because I was once there.

I had studied everything I could, talked to all the people I knew, but when I finally got to the testing center, my anxiety shot through the roof. I was praying super hard, just trying to think as positively as I could. I felt like I was holding my breathe the whole time taking the exam. Then at the very end, when I was asked, “Would you like your score sent?”, part of me hesitated, and I asked myself, do I really want to send these scores, what if I didn’t pass. But I clicked send anyways, cause I had no choice.

When I finally walked out of that testing facility, I felt like I could breathe again. I felt a huge weight off my shoulders. But then once I got in the car, reality set back in, what if I didn’t pass this time.

And then I had to wait an agonizing two business day for my results. It was torture.

I told all my friends and family to pray for me, and send me all the positive vibes they could. Then the day comes for the results. Late in the evening, after checking my email all day, I finally get an alert from Pearson. Even though I had been waiting this whole time for the results, part of me didn’t want to open it. But I did.

I looked at the score, and it read “Not Passed”. My heart sank, I felt pain. I had done all this time studying and preparing for this, to fail. I felt defeated and like giving up.

But the other side of me said I have a few more chances to make it over this mountain. I promised myself that no one should ever feel this pain. That once I passed this exam, I would create a guide that was spot on to what actually needed to be studied.

That is why I created the Insider Study Guide, to help you pass, so you don’t have to waste time, money, or your emotions. Buy our guide, pass the exam, and move onto bigger and better things. Don’t open anymore painful emails.

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Take the stress out of studying. Know what to expect on the exam. Feel confident the day of. Don’t waste time studying for random topics. Have a focused and centralized way to study.

“I was on my second attempt with the math part. I knew I had to try something different. If it wasn’t for this guide, I don’t think I would have ever passed. The questions in this guide were close to spot on.” – Lauren

“I passed! This guide is priced right. Not all the questions are fully typed out, but I can see why (1styeartt) did that. The questions helped me understand how TEXES was going to try to catch me off guard. But I saw right through that with this guide.” – Beth

“If I didn’t get this guide, I think I would have lost a lot of time and money. A few of my classmates had to re-take the science part of the exam, but with these questions I passed on my first try. I didn’t have to wait 45 days or spend $56 to re-take the science part of the exam. Thank you!” – Michelle

What’s In The Core Subjects Guide?

  • Proven strategies to help make you successful in passing.
  • 40 Science questions, that are almost identical to what’s on the exam.
  • 52 ELA questions, that are almost identical to what’s on the exam.
  • 50+ Fine Arts/Health/P.E. questions, that are almost identical to what’s on the exam.
  • 40 Social Studies questions, that are almost identical to what’s on the exam. 
  • No fluff, just what you need to study, a straight to the point guide.
  • Answer Key included. 

Click this link to preview the guide.


Who are these guides meant for?

This guide is meant to help anyone that plans to take the TEXES EC-6 Math part of the exam or all the other Core Subjects of the exam. It will really help those who have not taken the test yet, giving them a plethora of information of what to expect. Even for those who have taken it multiple times, it will give other approaches you may not have thought of.

Will this guide help me pass?

Yes! It has helped other test takers pass. But that being said, this exam is challenging and may require a little bit more studying beyond this guide.

Has anyone passed with the help of this guide?

Yes! This guide has helped a lot of test takers get a passing grade of 240 or higher. 

Do both of these guides come with answer keys?

Yes they do! All of our study guides come with an answer key. At first, we didn’t have one for each study guide. But due to demand for one, we have invested in an answer key for all portions of the TEXES EC-6 Core Subjects exam(Math, Science, ELA, Social Studies, and Fine Arts/Health/P.E., all have an answer key in our study guides.).

What are you using to process the payments?

We use SendOwl to distribute the guide, and then Stripe to process the payment. 

Do you guarantee a passing score?

We do! I know how frustrating not passing a certification exam can be. We are here to help, not kick you while you’re down.

***If you don’t pass after you have purchased this guide, send us the results showing a 239 or less score and date(please block out personal information, besides name). And we will gladly refund your money.***

Do you offer refunds?

Our guarantee does not mean we offer refunds. Our guarantee is to help you pass with confidence, not for us to be taken advantage of. We understand money may be tight at times, but helping you pass this exam will greatly increase your income(a lot of teachers are starting out at $50k+). If we can’t afford to stay in business, then we can’t help others be successful. 

How will I receive this guide when purchased?

As a PDF file download. Once you submit your payment through Samcart, you will be provided access to download the PDF file.

Have a question that isn’t answered?

We would love to help you in anyway we can. Please fill out the following Google Form, and we’ll try to respond as soon as we can.

Why should I buy this guide?

There is no other guide available that offers the close to identical exam questions we offer. Also, this guide is straight to the point. We’re not making you sit through hours of video, or practice questions that don’t even come close to what’s on the exam. 

We also believe we have priced this guide competitively. But the biggest advantage of our guide, is our guarantee. Buy our guide, use the practice questions, and if you don’t pass, send us the results, and get your money back. 

All the other resources out there take too much time, they’re outdated, and cost too much:

Misleading questions:

Outdated material. If their videos are outdated, so is their material:

Unnecessary overload of information:

None of these resources have questions that come close to what’s actually on the exam.

***Disclaimer: Not all the questions in this guide are completely filled out/ “done”. The reason we do this is we want to come as close to the actual exam as possible. We don’t want to put any questions that aren’t on the exam itself.

Giving you non-related questions or even questions that are kind of similar, may throw you off during the test.***

***Second Disclaimer: Our ELA portion of the EC-6 guide is not completely filled out. But we do offer our 4-8 ELA portion to further assist.***

Now Including Our 4-8 Guide For Free!

We want to offer you all the help that we possibly can. Buy our EC-6 guide, and get our Core Subjects 4-8 Guide for free.

Save Money, Time, And Frustration:

Cost: $49

Cost: $24

“The Nelly Special”

***If you purchase this guide: please be on the lookout for a thank you email. It sometimes gets put under the “Spam” folder. It will be seperate from the confirmation email from SendOwl. Thank you!***

New Offer

We are in the process of offering an online community to better serve you.

The online community site will offer the following:

Monthly Webinars

-Testing software with questions from our guides.

-Member Forum(talk and work with other test takers who are taking the same exam)

-Success Board(share your victory when you pass, to help others do the same)

-Testing Partners(we have found test takers perform better when they have a testing partner)

If you are interested in this offer, please click this Google Form to leave an email to contact you at.

Additional Resources

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