Can I Trust Texas Teachers?

The short answer is: Yes. But I’ll go on to explain why.

When I was first interested in pursuing a career in something more meaningful than making profits, I had to do some self aware exercises. And it came to me when I took a personality test, that based on my personality, teaching was something that I would fit in. So I set out for a career change and that’s when I found Texas Teachers(A+ Texas Teachers).

At first, I was like: “Is this a legit program?”. I tried to find some research on the program but couldn’t find much. So I took a leap of faith. Overall the program is legitimate. Schools do hire from this program. There are jobs for teachers. They have a pretty good recruiting system for there clients to get jobs.

Having the first year under my belt, I can tell you that they do prepare you and help you become fully certified.

Here are some questions that I had when I was interested in T.T.(I’m hoping they help you):

  • Can I trust TT?
    • Yes. It’s not a scam, you won’t lose your money, and the chances of getting a job are very high(depending on how flexible you really are).
  • How do they pull the money out of your check?
    • Magic. It’s one of the sheets you first filled out that gives them the right to take the money out of your pay. Don’t worry, once you tell them that you have a job, they take care of the rest.
  • Is getting a teaching job easy?
    • That depends on you, the subject, and how willing you are to relocate. My first school found me, thanks to Texas Teachers. The superintendent wanted cheap and desperate labor, so he used TT. I didn’t mind cause it gave me the experience I needed.
  • Can I make $54,000 as a teacher?
    • Doubtful. A few 1st year teachers can start off at 50k, but there is a trade off. It’s really hard to get into that district or the school has rough students that you might not make it a month there.
  • How often will I get paid?
    • Once a month. This is pretty hard starting off because you won’t get paid until a month after you start. So you better have money in savings or it’s going to be pretty hard.
  • What if I have no teaching experience, will I still get a job?
    • Yes, depending your subject and how desperate the school is. The only thing is you might have to relocate to a small town in the middle of Texas. I would still try to get some sort of experience, like coaching or vlounteering to sponsor something.

I hope this helps, please leave comments with anymore questions you might have.

Best wishes,


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