Just Took The PPR Exam

So, it was by far the most unique test I have ever taken. It took me 3 hours to take(only have had to do that once in my life), I took a 10 minute break(you’re allowed one), and I was checked so many times to see if I was cheating. I got fingerprinted a dozen times, the wand put over me quite a few, and was checked every 15 minutes in my room to see if I was cheating in any way, pretty intense.

I will find out the results in a week. The test cost me $131. It’s a 100 question multiple choice test and you have 5 hours to take it.

What advice would I give? That’s a hard question, Adderall, maybe. So I have never taken a test like this, and trust me, I’ve taken all kinds of tests. My biggest advice would be to use process of elimination, there will be two answers forsure wrong, then read the question carefully looking for key words, the last two answers remaining both will sound right, but the question has key words in it, that will decide the right answer.

I will write a later post on how I did, and more advice for taking it.



2 thoughts on “Just Took The PPR Exam

  1. Rhonda Tillman

    Do you have study material for the PPR exam


    1. E

      We do not, sorry.


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