Taking The Technology Applications Exam 242 – For The Second Time

So my first time taking this exam, it was pretty painful. This second time around, it was like a whole new test.

I took it yesterday, I have to wait until Tuesday evening to find out if I passed it. I need to pass this exam because I will be starting to teach AP Computer Science classes next week. And I only have my business education certification.

The scary part about this second time around is that, it truly felt like an easier test than my first time taking it back in November. Which makes me think that Pearson, helps you out your second time. Or the original test was so hard for many test takers, that they had to change the exam completely.

But we’ll wait to see my results of the exam before I start saying it was easier.

11 thoughts on “Taking The Technology Applications Exam 242 – For The Second Time

  1. lalo

    How do you recommend I prepare for this exam? I am in your situation. I passed the Bus/finance texes test.


    1. E

      Hey Lalo! Sorry for the delayed response. I am building a study guide that is more specific to what is on the exam, and also what to expect. Here’s the link to the page if you’re still interested: https://1styeartexasteachers.com/tech-apps-242-study-guide/?frame-nonce=8cf49a90de . Best wishes!



      1. Mike Garvey

        Thank you E !! I just filled out the google form for this 🙂


  2. Tammi

    How did the 2nd time go? I have to take it again in April… dreading it!


  3. Holley T.

    I also took the Tech Apps EC-12 on 2/18 and failed it as well. I am preparing to take it the second time. I would be curious to know how your second attempt went and how it compared to the first test. Thanks so much.


    1. carmenc0925

      Hello! I need to take my exam a 2nd time, since I failed it the first time. How was the exam the second time around? Is it harder?


  4. Mike Garvey

    I took the test last week. So they throw 20 questions out and of the 80 they graded me on I got 54/80. The hard areas for me were competencies 4/6 (Digital Art & Animation) competency 8 (Digital Communication & Multimedia) and competency 12 (Web design). I teach littles (1st grade) and this test was like this makes no sense at all to me for what I will be doing !


    1. E

      LOL! I know right! That’s exactly how I felt with Comp 6. I was like our Graphic Design teacher would have trouble with this, and she has 6 years of industry experience. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Mike Garvey

    Any suggestions for Comp. 8?


  6. Robin Chavez

    I have to take the PACT Technology application ec-12, I took it once and missed it by 30 points. Where do I go to study? They only give you 13 questions.


    1. E

      Hi Robin! Sorry to respond to this so late. Since this was just administered January 27th of this year, I doubt there is much out there from third parties. Good news is, this should be easier than the Tech Apps 242 exam itself. This Pact exam is only a pre-qualifier to show that you are competent to pursue this field. But I shouldn’t totally speak for it, because I didn’t have to take this exam myself. I did have to take another pre-qualifier for business, but that was for my first certification.

      From the looks of the initial overview, http://www.tx.nesinc.com/content/docs/742_TXPACT_AlignmentTable.pdf . My best advice for these type of exams, would be to answer them as if “the students in the question had everything they needed to be successful”. But please take this advice with a grain of salt, because I have not taken this specific exam before. I hope this helps a little, best of luck!


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