How To Pass The TExES Special Education EC-12(161) Exam

So this exam is quite long, but that shouldn’t scare you. The exam overall is 150 questions, and you have five hours to complete the exam.

The exam covers four total domains; Understanding Individuals with Diabilities and Evalutation their needs, Promoting Student Learning and Development, Promoting Student Acheivement in ELA and Math, and Foundations and Professional Roles and Responsibilities.

For more in depth information, please visit the testing site itself.

But the best way to pass this exam, is to use practice questions, that are almost identical to the actual exam. And you’re in luck, cause we have a guide that meets this.

Let’s take a look at a few example practice questions.

A high school history teacher involves students each year in an oral history project. Students interview longtime residents of the area, recording their stories and reminiscences on audiotape and videotape. Students start their projects by working with a partner to brainstorm questions they wish to ask during their interviews. Then they schedule interviews, conduct their interviews and design presentations to share the information they gather. The information will be used to produce an exhibit for the town’s annual fair. Edited versions of the tapes will be donated to the town library.

How does this activity best promote the functional living skills of students who have special needs?

a. It involves them in meaningful interactions with people in a community setting
b. It provides them with an authentic experience that enhances their understanding of the concept of time
c. It gives them an opportunity to make many connections among various subjects they are studying in school
d. It helps them recognize that people in the community use skills and information taught in school every day

Lets break down the keywords being asked in the question. They are “activity best promote”, “living skills”, of “special needs” students. If we look at the example of the activity, it is: students interviewing residents of the areas. A might be the answer. B mentions time, that is not something that really stands out in our keywords. C is too broad. D is not the “best”. A is the correct answer.

Please take a look at our Special Education Guide for more help. Also please feel free to comment on this post for more help and questions you may have.

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