The Principal Wants Me To Sign A Write-Up, Should I?

Short answer: HECK NO! So I have teacher friends who have been teaching in Texas for 20+ years. All of them have told me never to sign a “memo” or writeup from your director or prinicipal.

Whoever the Admin is, trying to make you sign, will pressure you in all types of ways to sign the document, but don’t sign it. I’ve had at least 5 “memos” they wanted me to sign. I told them no, and they did not appreciate it. One told me I was legally obligated to sign it. I still told him no. So they called in a witness to sign off that I refused to sign the document.

Sometimes these Admin forget we are not students, we are professionals. And we know other professionals such as lawyers and highly experienced teachers.

Ya, it’s awkward to tell them you won’t sign, but you get use to it.

You’re not alone if you get a write-up as a teacher, most of us veterans have been there. Shrug it off, cause there’s a bigger fire, always, waiting for the Admins to put out.

Please feel free to comment on this post if you have any questions.



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