We Lost Three Teachers Already

She Was Stressed

The first teacher, we lost the first day of school. He was an older gentlemen who had retired from another industry. I could tell that he wasn’t going to make it through the school year by his rough demeanor and lack of interpersonal skills. I was hoping for the best and expected him to last much longer, but he quit after the first day.

Another teacher was a youngish lady, who had moved here from another state. I was more than confident she was going to last the whole year, but I was very wrong. She was so anxious that she was vomiting everyday after work since school had started. I didn’t know she was going through all of that until her last week with us.

The third teacher was a young man who had worked in another industry and was trying teaching out. He was with us for a month, before he resigned. I believe it was also because of anxiety.

Just Come In

I knew this year would have its challenges, so I put it in my mind, that if I just come in, I am doing my job.

Recently I talked with a student that came from California. We talked about how discipline was much better at her old school in California. I asked her what she thought helped the students there be much more disciplined. She said that they had a designated security team at each campus, as well as other staff to help out with the discipline, besides teachers and principals.

I told her that’s mainly because California has a lot of money to provide all of that. It’s because the tax rate and cost of living is astronomical compared to Texas.

But it made me realize, the reason why it is so hard teaching right now(and before) is because we are trying to do so much with so little. If you really look around your campus, what staff do you really have. I personally work at a well funded district, but I still feel we are very understaffed.

It doesn’t help that the state requires more and more from school districts and then it just ends up on the teachers laps.

My Own Solution

I like what I do, and enjoy coming in most, if not all the days. I personally don’t turn a blind eye to what is actually happening. I turn and embrace it.

If the state and districts really cared about our well being and the student’s education, we would find real ways to tackle the problem.

I don’t take it personally and I try not to bring it home with me. I do not have work email on my phone. I am here for the students and what ever I can do in my power and resources to help them, I do. But when it comes to my admin and other staff members trying to put more on my plate, I either say I am already busy or I nod and smile and do my own thing.

Teachers are hard to come by right now. Especially qualified and experienced teachers. I know Admin who stay up at night wondering how many teachers will not be there the next day and if they’ll place their students in the gym or the library.

Because I am a limited and valuable resource, I don’t stress about work. I am a hired contract, and when my school admin changes and they no longer need me, I have three other schools that will take me in a heart beat. If not, other schools will pick me up last minute because they need the teachers so bad.

I do my job and am not malicious. I am here to provide and protect my students. They know that and see it.

If I just show up and am present for them, it provides them stability and safety, and thats all that most of my students need in their lives. Someone they can depend on and someone they truly know cares for them.

The rest of this school system can ask for everything from you, but your students just need a familiar and kind face.

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