I have completed the Texas Teachers program and have 3 years completed with different districts in Texas. I hope to share my experience with those starting off. My overall goal is to help you get through the first year of teaching and prepare you for what lies ahead.

Here’s what I achieved my first year of teaching:

  • Computer Science Teacher
  • Computer Programming Teacher
  • Business Education Teacher
  • Coached 3 sports(Football, Basketball, and Baseball)
  • Director of Yearbook
  • Senior Sponsor
  • IT assistant
  • Landscaper


If I can get through the program and complete all this, you can too. I’m here to help.

Best wishes,


1 thought on “About

  1. Helario

    Hey, man, I love your blog, I’m trying to study for the technology applications, & was wondering if you can talk more about it, like what to study as in books, websites, or vocabulary & some generic topics, & thanks for all this!


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