Rewards Of Teaching

First off,I’m going to be real with you, teaching is hard! Coming in everyday facing multiple personalities, overcoming other difficulties that arise, the office politics, etc. The list goes on. But through all of it, there are some great rewards.

Some of the rewards of teaching:

  • You have control over your work environment, for the most part. I remember working at a bank not to long ago and how miserable I was going into it. I would come in everyday getting yelled at to make more sales, “Do whatever you have to, just get it done.” It was such a toxic work environment. When you’re a teacher, you get to create the type of atmosphere your classroom is. My classroom inspires creativity, positiveness, and most importantly; a wanting to be there.


  • You work schedule will remain the same(M-F, 8-4:30, weekends off). I remember working in a sales position and it was salary. They would call me in,  every other day I had off. I hated it. I was like, it’s my day off, stop bothering me. I also never had a free weekend which made my social life non-existent. But because I had to work and they could fire me at any point, I had to do what they said. But now, I can make plans to go out every weekend, I know what time I will get out of work, and they never call me in on my day off.


  • You get the best vacation time ever. This past Christmas, my mom asked if I was going home to see her and my brothers. In the past, I’ve had to work the day before or the day after. But this time I got to say, “I’ll be in for two whole weeks”. For most schools you get all of Thanksgiving weekend off, two weeks for Christmas, one week for spring break, and all of summer. I’ve never had such great time off since college.


Teaching is the hardest job I’ve ever had, but I love going in everyday and the rewards beat most jobs out there.

Best wishes,


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