How Do I Know If The School I Applied To Is a Good School?

Please heed my advice, not all Texas schools are the same. Some schools will be very well resourced and others will wear out their teachers to the bone. My first school was not well resourced. I should have researched my school before I took the job, I probably would have been a lot more cautious. But then again, I was pretty desperate for my first teaching job. But please research the schools you apply too, it will save you time, a lot of pain, and money. Here are two resources that I found, that are pretty reliable. At least they portrayed my first school for what it really was.

Two researching sites:


Greatschools is a free resource and from what I’ve seen, it’s pretty accurate. They offer a few things about the schools you look up, but most importantly you want to read the reviews. Make sure the reviews are pretty recent, anything older than 3 years, disregard. Aministration most likely would have changed and teachers as well, maybe not, but the most recent posts will show the truth. Be careful: Some reviews might be forged. If you see highly contrasting reviews, somethings wrong. My first school was so bad and it was known on this website, the superintendent created fake reviews to lift up the schools score. Too bad for him, he couldn’t create enough fake reviews without it looking truly made-up.

This site is reliable.

Click to access 2015-Texas-High-School-Rankings.pdf


This site gives all public schools in Texas a letter grade and ranking. From what I noticed, it’s pretty accurate. Use this as your second resource.


Please use both of these resources before you interview for a teaching position. I promise it will save you from making a mistake.


Best Wishes,


2 thoughts on “How Do I Know If The School I Applied To Is a Good School?

  1. Rachel

    Thank you for this site! I just finished the application process for TT and your site is giving me the confidence to take that final leap.

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    1. Thanks Rachel! I wish you the best in your pursuit in making the future leaders better equipped! Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions. Best wishes -E


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