I Finally Finished My Professional Development!

Today was a good day! Honestly getting through my first year as a teacher in Texas was rough! No lie! I was worried throughout the year that I wasn’t going to get everything done needed for Texas Teachers(50 hours of professional development, internship projects, principal recommendation, etc.). During the school year I had to focus on being a teacher/coach for 3 different sports/get my CDL/help other teachers with IT issues/the list goes on. But trust me, if I can get through it, so can you, no joke.

Getting the 50 hours of professional development wasn’t easy. But with some last minute touches, I got it. Below are some of suggestions on getting through:

  1. Sign up for at least 30 hours before the end of the 1st semester. Honestly if your try last minute through your district center, it won’t be good for you.
  2. Talk to your mentor and see if the school offers P.D. through online resources. I finished my last hours with eduhero.org, saved my butt and so did my mentor.
  3. Make sure you treat your mentor with all love and respect. Some of my lst hours were questionable but because she knew of everything that I had done for the school, she didn’t hesitate on signing off on my hours.


Most importantly, don’t worry. Your school is required to provide a minimum of 30 hours or more, of professional development. And if push comes to shove, your mentor can make some stuff up and sign off on it.

Best Wishes,



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