Tech Apps Exam 242(Part 3)

So I didn’t do so well my first try around. I should have purchased a study guide and spent more time on topics that I don’t know well.

Long story short, I missed a passing score by 15 points. Not to happy about it, but I kind of know what to expect now.

Takeaway from day of test, what I remember. I know holistic comes up a few times, so know the definition of that word. Tweening came up twice, I thought I memorized that definition but froze up during testing. The color scheme was a little bit harder, I didn’t know I’m suppose to be an artist as well as a computer teacher. But I guess if they didn’t make it complex then everyone would pass and be a Tech Apps teacher.

My suggestions would be, don’t just memorize the vocab words off quizlet, but try to apply them to different scenarios. Know what colors makeup yellow and orange, or if you take away a yellow color from one. Take your time with the questions. It took me two hours to finish the exam. My first stab at it, I answered around 75 questions, and then I took a break. Then came back and took my time with the remaining 25 I skipped over. The nice thing is, you can skip around and answer questions you know, and then come back later to the ones you don’t know.

I plan to buy a study guide I came across a while ago, and memorize different color schemes for the next go around. I do have to wait 45 days until I re-take the test. I have at least 4 more tries to pass the exam. If I don’t pass in those times, I would have to fill out some paperwork, and talk to TEA about it. Not to happy I have to pay another $116, plus the cost of the study guide, but it is what it is.

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