Tech Apps Exam 242(Part 2)

So I’m looking online for more resources on the new Tech Apps exam, and can’t find anything. I find an outdated website with previous exam information(VHS! What!?!). But fortunately I’ve found some info in Quizlet. Here is a link to the main note cards I’ve been using.

Mrs.Sweek, check her work out(by clicking on her name). It seems to be all the vocab words that the Pearson test booklet gives you.

I plan on taking the exam this Friday. I plan to use my time wisely. The test takes 5 hours, and it’s 100 questions. I get an erasable board at the test site, so I plan to use that on the hard questions, by writing down A B C D down and then crossing out the first ones that seem really incorrect, then use process of elimination to better increase my odds of getting the answer right.

My initial goal is to answer all the questions I know right away, and skip the ones that I might need to spend more time on. I’m hoping to get through at least 50 questions my first go at it. Then take an unscheduled break, give me some time to clear my head and then dwell on the questions I had to skip. Then try to finish the rest of the test and that break. Because I get 5 hours for 100 questions, that I should mostly know already from experience, I’m not worried about the time aspect of the test.

I hope to give you more information for the test after I take it.

2 thoughts on “Tech Apps Exam 242(Part 2)

  1. terri mathews

    How did you end up doing on the test?


    1. I am embarrassed to say that I need to take it again. Close but no cigar.


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