Quick Overview Of TEXES Computer Science 8-12 (241) Exam

Time Breakdown:

CS 241

So I’ll have 3 minutes for each question.


Question breakdown:


If there a 100 question we can expect those percentages to equate to the number of actual questions per each domain. Example: we can expect around 40 questions for “Programming Language Topics” and etc.

***I plan to take this exam early January 2020. I will offer a study guide right after. If you are interested in such a guide, please fill out this Google Form, so that I may contact you when I am finished with it. Best of luck!

2 thoughts on “Quick Overview Of TEXES Computer Science 8-12 (241) Exam

  1. GS

    For the STR did you take the practice test on Pearson for $10 and if so was it close to the actual test?


    1. E

      Yes, it was close. Well worth the $10. Also use our post on how to pass the str on the first attempt. Best of luck!


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