Taking The Computer Science 8-12 (241) TEXES Exam (Part 1)

Gotta love the new objectives being passed by TEA every year (sarcastic tone forsure). My school is changing around my curriculum, and they want clearly defined pathways. Meaning there is a lot more being asked of me as a teacher(as well as others). We get a small raise, and now they’re demanding all this extra stuff in return.

My boss told me I should be okay with my current certification, but things may change in the near future. Meaning I should probably get my computer science certification for extra job security (oh joy). Not all teachers are required to do this, it’s just because of the advanced classes I teach.  Really in the end it’s worth it, I love the students I have, and my program here continues to grow with the help of many outside and in district resources.

So in the next coming months I will be studying for the Computer Science 8-12 exam. And will keep you posted on what it’s like, how hard it is, and ways to pass it.

Best wishes,


*** I plan to take this exam early January 2020. I will offer a study guide right after. If you are interested in such a guide, please fill out this Google Form, so that I may contact you when I am finished with it. Best of luck!

2 thoughts on “Taking The Computer Science 8-12 (241) TEXES Exam (Part 1)

  1. Where can I find tutors for the The Computer Science 8-12 (241) TEXES Exam?


    1. E

      That’s a great question. There are some resources out there, tutorme.com, preply.com, and varsitytutors.com. I don’t know of anyone that has used these resources. I would personally check fiverr.com, their services are pretty reliable. Please let us know if you do come across a reliable tutor.


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