Is Project Lead The Way Reliable? (From a teacher’s point of view)

Project Lead The Way, or PLTW, is a curriculum used by some U.S. schools. I personally use it for Computer Science A (Java), Computer Science Principles, and Cyber security. Having a few years of experience with it, I can honestly say for right now it is reliable. Being a teacher from a smaller district, I have to wear many hats, so having PLTW and it’s curriculum helps me keep my kids busy. But as far as for AP classes, I would say other wise.

For AP classes, it’s nice supplemental information, but it will not ensure your kids will get a 3 or higher.

Their professional developments are very helpful if you talk with the teachers around you. I have had many teachers from other districts be kind of enough to share their resources, so I can in turn help my students. One major benefit of PLTW.

If your looking for quality curriculum, then PLTW can help. But if you’re trying to get 3 or higher in your AP exams, you will have to have additional resources. If you use something amazing for AP CS A and AP CS Principles, please let me know what you use! šŸ™‚

Best wishes,


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