Taking The EC-6 291 Math Exam

So I took the overall exam and it was not easy after the first 3 hours it was hard to stay focused. By the time the math part of the exam rolled around, I was mentally tired out already.

Here are my biggest suggestions when taking the math part of the exam:

  • Use the dry erase marker and graph sheet. Make sure that your testing facility first gives you these tools when you sign in.
  • It would help to write down all the numbers. To save time, while you’re reading the question, make sure to write down number that it gives you. This will help with most of the questions, especially if they have you solving some sort of arithmetic problem.
  • Stay positive. There honestly have been so many studies done on positive thinking. Don’t give yourself false hope, but be honest about the last question, but realize the next one is a new chance to get it right.

I wish you the best of luck in studying. Right now Texas is taking care most of their teachers. Wages have gone up this school year and I personally know of quite a few school districts that what to offer even more.


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