How To Pass The Math Part For EC-6(291) Exam

So first of all, 47 minutes for 60 questions, is not an easy accomplishment(especially with out proper practice questions or an adequate strategy).

But here would be one of the best strategies to approach this part:

  • Make sure you have your dry erase marker and erase board/paper. Have tools to help you write down key parts of each questions helps astronomically. You should get this when you check in, but I have heard of some very incompetent testing facilities that forget. And if you don’t speak up, you lose your main resource.
  • Use your dry erase marker and board for questions that have any equation or story with numerical values. Write the number that appears next to the label as you read the question. For example; “Mike counts lady bugs in his garden. He has 27 red lady bugs, 9 orange lady bugs….”. While you’re reading, you should be writing notes down.
  • Leave all other outside problems outside the testing room. I normally take the day off or if it’s on a Saturday that I take an exam, I make sure I have no pressing issues that day. This exam decides your future and job, so respect it.
  • Think positively. There are so many studies down out there on how positive thinking helps you be successful on exams. Be realistic and definitely let some of the pressure motivate you, but if you feel like you did bad on one question, own it, and then move on.

As far as practice questions go, I suggest to look at our Inside Study Guide. The questions are pretty much identical to the actual test. Take a look at this link if you are interested.

Best wishes and good luck!


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