How Do I Pass The Mathematics Part Of The EC-6(291) TEXES Exam

Valid question. Let’s take a look at an example question from the exam:

Second grade teacher is planning a lesson on the addition of whole numbers based on the concept of place value. Which of the following best helps the teacher to assess prior to the lesson?

A. Students ability to write number names in numerals.

B. Students ability to count on a number line.

C. Students ability to compose numbers to make ten

D. Students ability to count by grouping in groups of ten.

Fortunately for us, this exam is multiple choice, giving us a 25% chance of getting the question right. Good for us, haha.

Let’s break down the question. I want to take at least three key words from the question itself. I see “planning”, “addition of whole numbers”, “place value”, and “assess prior”.

Now let’s break down the answers. All start with “Students ability”. “Count” is what stands out to me for B and D, because we are talking about “addition of whole numbers”. “Number line” is only used for real numbers, not exactly whole numbers.

D seems like it would be the best answer, because we are specifically looking to help with place values.

I know this question might take sometime, but you may recall it later on during the test. My best advice is to skip over the questions that might take you more time, and come back to them when you have answered the other questions you know right off the bat.

I truly hope this helps you pass your exam. If you are looking for more questions to practice with from the actual exam, please take a look at our Math Only Insider Study Guide.

Best wishes and good luck!


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