How Many Days Do Teachers Get Off For Summer Break In Texas?

Good question. That all depends on your contract you sign when you’re hired. I want to say 85%-90% of the teachers sign a 187 day contract. For those on this type of contract, they will be off from June 1st – August 7th(depending the year). So around 67 days off during the summer.

As teachers we also get one week off for thanksgiving, two weeks off for Christmas, and one week off for spring break. Granted this is all depending your school district and contract.

Other teachers who become coaches or extra curricular activity teachers will see less time off, and are required to do more work during the school year. Some are compensated for their time with “stipends”, but they are for very small amounts and do not fully compensate you for your time.

More school districts are trying to cut into your time off with trainings and professional developments.

It’s really not all sun shine and rainbows with this time off. Teaching is a very hard profession, and you will be using all your time off to re-group and regain your energy back to do it all over again.

Best of luck and best wishes!


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