Free Study Resources For Computer Science 8-12(241)

So I haven’t taken the CS 241 exam yet. It was my plan to take it in January, but my school is pushing CompTIA Security+ right now, and that is a whole bigger beast to tackle.

My boss last semester told me the “state” wants me to be certified in CS and not Tech Apps. But the school district and I have an agreement that I can still teach my classes with my Tech Apps certification. But we’ll see how long that lasts.

Anyways, back to the free resources. I met a real smart math teacher from Galveston, who has all types of certs, even a CS cert. He was really smart, and probably didn’t need to study, but he gave me the names of the two books he used to study for the CS exam(He also passed on his first attempt).

Here they are:

I have personally not read these yet, but he said it helped him significantly(but I swear he had photographic memory).

I don’t know if I plan to take the CS 241 exam anytime soon. My school is keeping me super busy with IBCs and AP exams this year. So until I get a letter from the state or my HR department that I have to get my CS cert, I don’t plan on rushing to take it anytime soon.

Hope this helps, best of luck!


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