TEXES CORE Subjects EC-6 Math Practice Questions

So this exam overall was hard, because of how long it took to take. For me, the math questions were a little all over the place, and some took longer to figure out than others. The nice thing about this exam, is that we don’t have to take the whole exam all over again(unless we fail one of the smaller tests more than three times).

Let’s break down three math questions from this exam:

If 10 people met at a party and shook hands with each other exactly once, how many handshakes were exchanged in total?

  • 20
  • 25
  • 45
  • 90

It would be good to know what exact questions to expect on this exam, and fortenately, we have a guide for that on our home page. But for now, let’s figure this one out.

The formula to solve this question is N(N+1)/2. I will be using PEMDAS to solve this as well. N is the total number of people minus 1, so for this question I will be using N=9.

9(9+1)/2 = 9(10)/2 = 90/2 = 45

So the answer here is 45 handshakes.

If you would like more questions that are almost identical to the exam. Please check out our study guide with 40+ exam questions.

Best of luck!


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  1. clara c sanders

    Can you just buy EC-6 Math?


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