TEXES Core Subjects 4-8 (211) Study Guide With Actual Questions From Exam

So I will dissecting the sample questions offered by tx.nesinc.com.

First off these will be like nothing on the test itself. Trust me, I’ve taken many of these exams to know these questions are mis-leading, and the ones on the actual exam will be a lot harder.

Let’s break down some of the science questions first. This can be found at the link.

I have rarely, if ever seen a single sentence question from any TEXES exam. So right off the bat, the questions will not be this simple or easy, I guarantee that.

Now, let’s take a look at an actual exam question and break it down.

So obviously, not a single sentence question. And for sure a longer answer. So don’t let the sample question from the test site trip you up.

If you look at the actual exam question above, you see that they’ll throw unique vocabulary words to throw you off. Which in turn will have to make you think harder and longer about the question, shaving time off your already limited time. To be far, they wouldn’t be a good test company if they didn’t do this. But to be far to those who dreams are to teach, and are denied by a test, that’s truly not fair.

I hope to have a guide up and running soon for this exam to better assist you, and help you pass.

Best of luck!


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