Preparing To Pass The Math Part Of TEXES Core Subjects 4-8(Part 1)

So I am breaking my studying down to 4 components of studying. I plan to focus on the math part first, and find helpful resources to catch me up to speed on what Pearson is looking for on the mmath protion.

Khan Academy

As you can see from the picture above, units of measure will likely be on this exam. That is not my strong point and I would need a referesher on this one.

Kahn Academy is my usual go to. Plenty of great free resources on there.

Here is there link to this competency: .

Slope of the line help: .

Applications of Quadratic Equations (examples, solutions, videos ...

Helpful resource from Khan Academy: .

Cartesian Coordinate System- Concepts of Cartesian Coordinate ...

I plan to write more posts about Math, as I continue to study. Then I plan to move onto the science portion, then social studies, and lastly finish with ELA. I know some of the content on this page will start to kick in, after a few more practices.

I know to expect 42 questions and that I have 50 minutes to answer all of them. My game plan is to answer the ones I know first, and then skip the ones that might be to time consuming and then come back to the rest.

I can use the ELA portion of the exam to give myself some breathing room, with close to two hours. But that portion alone has 74 questions.

Either way I have a feeling I will be crunched for time, and have to make quick educated decisions. Hopefully close that 25% chance of getting it right to a 50% chance of getting it right.

I will eventually make a guide that cuts down on the studying /preparation time, and something with actual questions from the exam to better prepare. Hopefully not too long after I finish the exam.

Hope this helps! Best of luck!


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