Preparing For The TEXES Core Subjects 4-8(211) Exam

So I am planning a possible pivot from teaching computer science at the high school level to teaching math at the middle school level. I have been teaching at this level for the last four years(on and off), and they just keep piling things on top of my normal job. Not only that, but I am more specialized in entry level development, not Java, C#, Unity, Cyber Security, Hacking, and etc. They really need to hire six specialized teachers for what I do myself as one teacher. But most would argue, we’re all in that boat, lol.

All that being said, let’s breakdown this exam.

Time: 5 hours total. Almost 2 hours for ELA. About an hour for Math. And 50 minutes for Social Studies and Science.

# of questions: 200 total. 74 for ELA and 42 for the other three parts.

Keywords that I will possibly study as preparation, ELA:

Development processes of oral language, foundations of reading, word analysis skills(decoding, blending, structural analysis, sight word), components and strategies of comprehension, inquiry skills, (interpret, analyze, evaluate and produce visual images), and basic principles of assessment.

Keywords that I will possibly study as preparation, MATH:

Numbers, Number systems, TEKS, patterns, algebra, geometry and measurement, probability and statistics, make mathematical connections withing and outside of mathematics, historical development of mathematical ideas, typical errors students make, mathematical assessment.

Keywords that I will possibly study as preparation, SOCIAL STUDIES:

Social sciences and disciplines, TEKS, history, geography, economics, government, citizenship, culture, (science, technology, and society).

Keywords that I will possibly study as preparation, SCIENCE:

Science tools, materials, equipment, and technologies. Field and laboratory activities, scientific inquiry, theoretical and practical knowledge, varied and appropriate assessments, history and nature of science, science affects daily lives, TEKS, physical, life, earth, and space science.

As I continue to study for this exam, I will share what works and what doesn’t. Best of luck!


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