What Does Testing Look Like For TEXES Exams During Covid-19?

***Disclaimer first: Please check ahead of time with your own testing facility, before you submit your voucher for that specific facility through tx.nesinc.com.***

I called both of my usual local testing facilities to get answers about taking exams there during covid-19.

Both were very accommodating, and informed me that whatever I needed to bring and use, was more than okay. They told me masks were mandatory to take the exam. I asked if I could bring gloves and eyewear, both said that was fine. I also asked about hand sanitizer, and both said I could bring my own during testing.

They also told me that they are adhering to the 6 feet policy of social distance.

Overall it seems most testing facilities are willing to accommodate all PPE’s, I didn’t ask about a full mask ventilation system, but I bet they would allow it.

Tx.nesinc.com clearly states that you should re-schedule your exam if you are showing any symptoms of Covid-19, but I doubt there is a way to truly test that.

Again, please check with the testing facility you plan to use. Call them and get all your questions answered. And if you’re not comfortable with that location, there should be others around your area.

Best of luck! Please stay safe!


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