Will A School District In Texas Still Hire Me Without My Certification?

So I am no head of HR. But fortunately I am good friends with our HR Director for our district, and I asked him about this.

His response: “This happens often (more so this year 🙂 ).  Yes – we would make the offer contingent upon them getting certified.  Essentially we have to hold the contract until the certification is obtained.”

So yes, but you would still have to get your certification at some point during your contract. But it obviously comes with a stipulation, “hold the contract”. Meaning they have the right to not renew your contract(for the following year) if you do not obtain your certification.

So good news is that even though a lot of testing centers are closed right now during Covid-19, school districts will still hire you! Just as long as you meet all their other qualifications. But not being able to get certified through www.tx.nesinc.com/ , shouldn’t stop you from applying to open positions.

I know this is a trying time for everyone, but I feel(knock on wood) that teaching is definitely one of the better secured job fields right now. I know of a lot of friends and family who lost their jobs, and if they didn’t lose it, they had to take pay cuts(in salary or losing hours). Teaching has been hard through all this, but financially, we’re still in the black.

I truly wish you the best in your certification process! Stay safe and good luck!


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