Pros Of Being A Teacher During Covid-19

First of all, I am very thankful to still be employed(knock on wood). My district has told teachers to move everything online, to reach out to our students, and adapt to the current situation. I wish my administration could have done more, but when you have one Admin to every 30-40 teachers, it’s hard to help all those teachers out.


  • Still employed and still getting paid. I had once read a while back ago during the great depression, this man lost his job, and needed to provide for his family, so he went into teaching, and never left. Even after the economy got better. I honestly could see where he was coming from. I don’t know how bad the economy will get and even if it might affect government jobs as well. But right now, it gives me peace of mind, that at least my contract covers me up until Sept. 1st, 2020.

  • Still being able to work and keep in contact with most of my students. I honestly miss my students, their crazy selfs, and even the knuckle heads. But because we are working online through Schoology(our LMS), we have still been able to provide assignments, and they have been able to submit them electronically.

While it might come with some cons, there are far more things to complain about from other industries and what other people are going through. I feel for them, especially the unemployed, those who are sick, and those who have passed. So I have no reason to complain or talk about cons right now.

From what I am seeing from my school, is that we are still hiring for Fall 2020. We have a lot of new teaching positions open, and I’m pretty sure that applies to most districts right now in the state of Texas. So best of luck in your endeavors and please stay safe out there!


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