Taking The TEXES Core Subjects 4-8(211) Exam

First, I would like to say that my testing facility did a really good job of maintaining a clean place. Every time someone left their computer the worker would come in and clean off everything with a clorox wipe. There was a decent amount of space between me and the other test takers. The rooms were still small and not ventaliated well, but we were all required to wear masks. Overall a good experience. Make sure to call in to your testing facility ahead of time. I couldn’t bring in anything other than my two IDs and my car keys. They did let me bring in some hand sanitizer, so that was cool.


So this was the first part of the exam. Lots of reading of course. A few terms that stood out were memoir vs personal narrative, there was definitely a question on plagiarism. The word “inference”, was used quite a few times. I saw hyperbole once or twice. I’m pretty sure I saw grapheme and phoneme, once.


The math portion was second on the exam. This is my strongest area of expertise, I love math. The calculator provided in the testing software saved me a ton of time. There were a few questions that required calculating the net pay, and some other percentages questions. So the calculator saved a ton of time, definitely advise using it. Parabola came up a few times. Definitely finding out the area of different shapes. X and Y axis made a few appearances. There was some addition of fractions.

Social Studies

The question I really remember from this part was putting the battles in chronological order, the alamo, san jancito, palo alto, and I forget the fourth battle. Some world geography quesitons. A decent amount of Texas and U.S. questions(Merica!).


This was the last part. My mind was kind of tired here. I remember what type of energy is phtosynthesis. There was a quesiton on dinaosuars, don’t remember exactly. Something about the different cycles.

I plan to offer a study guide on this soon. I hope this sheds some light until then.

Best of luck!


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