How To Pass The TEXES ESL Supplemental (154) Exam On First Try

So good news, we have just built a study guide with 70+ questions to help you pass this exam on your next attempt. But we’ll talk more on this later in the post.

We created this guide to help teachers that are currently being required by their schools to take this exam. We also have a few recent college graduates that have requested help with this exam as well. We really feel for them, because some of them have to take up to four different TEXES exams just to get hired.

What separates this guide from the rest of our competition? We were told first hand, that from our guide, 25-30 of the actual exam questions were almost identical to it. That has always been the biggest problem with other study guides and online training. They want you to study all this unnecessary material, that may not even be on the actual exam. We get straight to the point with our guides.

We recently had to clients get back to us. One client was on her fourth attempt, and she was really worried. We offered our guide, she formed a study group on campus with another teacher who had to take it as well. They both purchased our guide and studied hard together. They also used Mometrix as a supplement to our guide. They took it on a Friday, were super mad that they didn’t get instant results(lol). Found out the following Tuesday that they had passed! Both were super happy and credited our guide and their teamwork to their success. The one client, who was on her fourth attempt, passed with a 250. And her study partner scored a 280, and it was her first attempt. Both were super ecstatic about being able to move on with their lives.

We hope you will take a look at our guide, for you to receive the same success.

Best of luck!


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