Is The $1,000 Stipend For Getting Your Computer Science Certification Still Available?

Short answer: Heck ya it is!(But please check the date of this post.) Technically it’s available to August 2021, or until the funds run out. As of right now the funds have not run out.

So what’s the process to get the stipend?

Awesome question! First you should checkout the home page for all this. Here is a link to it.

Then you will need to fill out the application(Here is the link.).

You will receive an email for more of the steps. But you will have to upload three documents as part of the steps. They will need proof that you work for a school or are in school. Then they will need proof of your current teacher certifications. Lastly, they will need you to fill out a sheet, sign, date, and then turn all this in through an email.

From there they will see if you qualify for the stipend. You will then take the test. Hopefully pass. Then they will send you check, after some more info.

I am currently half way through all this process, so I will write another blog post when all is completed. But for now, go get that money!!!

Best of luck!


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