I had a friend message me last night, and she informed me that her husband may be losing his job in a couple of months. He is a sports broadcaster for their local radio station. Obviously with now sports planned this fall, there is no advertising money coming in. So he may have to pivot to teaching. I am willing to bet that with this pandemic and economy situation going on, that many people are going to be open to finding new careers. Here is just a short list of what is needed and some advice I have to help you.


BACHELORS DEGREE You have to have this, no matter what, if you want to teach in the state of Texas. The only way around this is CTE departments. But you have to have a decent amount of years in your vocation. What types of jobs does CTE cover; Welding, mechanic, woodshop, construction, plumbing, CNA, graphic design, etc. But the school district you’re applying for must have one of these positions open, and most of the time when they do become available they are picked up pretty quickly. But other than that, a bachelors would be required.

How Do I Become A Teacher If I Have A Bachelors Degree?

Apply and Get Accepted into an Alternative Certification

Complete First Year Of Probation

Pass PPR

Pass Certification Exam

Get Hired

Above is the listed sequence you would need to follow if you have your Bachelors degree. You wouldn’t need to go back to college to get your teaching license. As long as you have a Bachelors degree, you can take an alternative certification route.

Please feel free to any questions in the comments, and I will be happy to answer them!


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