TEXES ESL (154) Free Study Guide

So I have had quite a few teachers ask me to build a guide for this exam. Some of them are middle school teachers, and others have been high school teachers. But most of them, if not all, have been forced to take this exam by their instructional coaches or APs.

First, let’s break down this exam. We’ll start with what it’s on it, click hear to see the specifics from the test site. But the basics are you have five hours to complete 80 questions. Obviously you will not need all five hours, but it does give you peace of mind that you will not be under time pressure.

The exam consists of three domains: Language concepts and acquisitions, ESL instruction and assessment, and cultural awareness and family community.

Here are some of the questions that I remember from when I took the exam:

  • An ESL teacher is developing an assessment to test whether students understand that the area of a rectangle is the product of the length and the width. Which of the following Math test questions is most appropriate for intermediate level ELLs?

  • Mr. Salazar, a fourth-grade ESL teacher, provides instruction utilizing his student’s first language and their second language in a classroom containing approximately equal number of language minority and language majority students. Which type of instructional program does this describe?

  • An ESL teacher continues to provide scaffolding and support for ELLs, even when they show improvement in conversational English. Which of the following best support the ESL teacher’s strategy?
    • Academic language skills are most important than conversational skills in L2
    • Conversational English skills have limited usefulness in academic settings
    • Soon after ELLs acquire conversational skills, academic language skills will follow naturally
    • Academic language skills in L2 are not acquired as quickly as conversational skills

We have built a guide with over 79 practice questions that come pretty close to what is on the actual exam. Please take a look at it, if you are interested.

I personally know how hard it is to be working full-time and then trying to study for an exam on top of it. We have had so much positive feedback from our study guide, and we guarantee it will help you pass.

I hope this post helps you get through this exam. Best of luck!


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