Taking The Computer Science 8-12(241) Exam

So this one is a doozie. But I knew this going in. At first I felt confident that I was doing well. About 20 questions in, I felt good. My head was starting to hurt, but I told myself, all I needed was a bathroom break, and I’d come back refresehed.

That never happened. My headache got worse, the problems took more out of me mentally and by the 50th question, I was done. It’s hard being a teacher, and focusing your concentration for that long and that hard. No wonder UT will give you a $1,000 stipend to pass this exam, because you deserve it. If you are a teacher who does a lot already, in and out of work life.

But let me brain dump what I remember. There was at least one question that had me convert binary to hexidecimel. There was one about the difference between Java and C. There were a few about HTML and images. There were a few about the different SDLCs. Most of the first 20-30 questions I knew, but it had been a long time since I had thought about them.

I am hoping to have a guide that will help you through all this. I know first hand how hard this exam is. I know of a few people who were able to pass it on their first try. But they were forsure coming from industry, as developers, to teach. Or they were to smart to be teaching, but decided to anyways.

Best of luck!


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