Well, the short answer is $140. $139.32 to be exact. I personally believe that is ridiculous. All the other exams still cost $118 to take. I don’t know why this exam should cost $21 extra. Also, why EC-6 test takers are being added more on their plates. The other exams are enough. On top of some being required to pass the SPED exam as well.

***I was not able to sign up for this exam at my usual testing facility(word of caution)***

I am hoping to come out with a guide for this, so you can pass on their first try.

What Is In The STR?

The STR has 90 multiple choice questions, and 1 constructed response question. You will have a total of 5 hours to take it.

I will provide more, as more information comes out on this exam.

Best of luck,


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