How To Pass The STR On The First Attempt

I honestly felt like this exam wasn’t that bad. Some of the answers, I felt, were pretty common sense. The other nice thing is that it is only 90 questions long, with 1 CRQ, and that you have 5 hours to take it. So there is no time pressure here at all. Can take breaks whenever you need to. But let’s break it down, and then I will show you how to pass it on your first attempt.


The 90 selected response questions, were all multiple choice, and all of them were only four answers to choose from. I will break down the CRQ in a bit. But multiple choice questions do at least give you a 25% chance of getting it right.

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How To Give Yourself The Best Chance

In high school, I took this advanced test taking practice course. They taught us to use “Process of Elimination” to give ourselves the best chance of answering a multiple choice question correctly.

This video explains that, and significantly helped me with finding the correct answer:

Best Resource For STR 90 Selected Questions

These questions from Mometrix allowed more practice opportunities that helped me. Click here to find out more.

Plan Of Attack For CRQ

Everything that Pearson has posted for free on the actual testing website, is true and straight forward. I would highly recommend to look over it.

The CRQ was at the very end of the exam. But you could skip around and go to it, if you would like. I found that holding it off until the end was best for me. You will have to write 400-600 words to answer this CRQ. At first you will come up to a page that has 5 tabs on it. The first tabbed page with give you the question on the left side of your screen, and then on the right side, you will have a text space to type out your answer.

This is how the left side looked:

The bullet point that I have circled, were the only ones I saw on the actual exam. But to be safe, you should prepare for all them, in case it is different every attempt. And then on the right side, was a space to type out your answer.

Exhibit 1 Tab

This is identical to the Exhibit 1 tab I had on my exam.

Exhibit 2 Tab

This tab is pretty much identical to the exam I took. But a different student reading.

Exhibit 3

Pretty much identical.

Exhibit 4


CRQ Scoring

This is the grading rubric for the CRQ.


Overall this exam seemed straight forward. I would highly recommend looking over the actual test site, for more info. I would also recommend Mometrix’s STR Study Guide. Both of these resources should help you pass. I would study for at least two weeks, before taking this exam. Also use the process of elimination to help with questions that you have trouble with.

This exam did cost $140 to take, which is $20 more than the usual exam fee. I also had to take it at a Pearson testing location, which I wasn’t very happy about. So just keep all that in mind.

Please feel free to comment on this post for more help.


Need Help Passing Another TExES Exam?

Click the following links below for a free mini guide:

Special Ed. ESL Core Subjects 4-8 EC-6(291)

Best Study Resource For This Exam

Click here to find out more.

8 Replies to “How To Pass The STR On The First Attempt”

  1. Alissa Booth says:

    Hello, when you mean almost the same was the results of the student pretty much the same with a different student?
    I am so nervous about taking this, especially knowing all TEKs. I have done well with 240 tutoring and the 90 questions but I’m not sure about the actual writing part

    1. Ns says:

      hi! can you share about your experience? Any tips or advice to share?

  2. says:

    I am also nervous as well. I take this test May 22nd. I have been studying since March. Thank you for your helpful hits.

    1. E says:

      You’re welcome! Sending you all the positive vibes and thoughts. 🙂

  3. Brittany says:

    Thank you for these hints and tips! I take the test on Thursday and am so nervous! I’ve passed the practice exam multiple times but of course there is always nerves! I’ve heard many people saying how difficult it is – I appreciate your time, insight and positive vibes! Good luck to everyone taking this test 🙂

    1. E says:

      Best of luck! Sending you all the positive vibes and thoughts. You got this!

    2. Steve McNeal says:

      Where did you find a practice test, and can you take it multiple times? I’m an alt-cert program teacher candidate and just need this test to get hired. Thanks in advance!


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