The Best Study Guide To Pass The TExES Special Education EC-12(161) Exam

First off, let’s break down what we know from the actual exam. You can click here to know what exactly will be on it.

Pearson never steers away from this overview and exam framework, never. We have taken enough exams to know, what ever this framework says, will be on it.

So if you’re looking for a freebie, looking over this page, and highlighting keywords will be helpful.

This is where we would advise to start off with. Then from there you will need real practice questions, unlike from other guides, ours are spot on.

Let us break down a few of our questions.

Use the information below to answer the question that follows.

Ms. Hara, a special education teacher, has been providing direct instruction to social skills to her second-grade self-contained class. Her students are with their typically developing peers and a professional for electives, lunch, and schoolwide activities. Ms. Hara has asked for feedback on the students’ ability to generalize the taught skills in the various settings to help guide future instruction. The following information was provided to Ms. Hara from the paraprofessional and general education teachers who interact with her students.

 In music class, students are repeatedly blurting out answers and comments without waiting their turn.
 During art, students are having difficulty sharing materials working collaboratively.
 During lunch, students are having difficulty waiting for their turn in the lunch line.

Which of the following strategies will best help the students to generalize the newly learned social skills in a variety of settings?

a. Using a T-chart to define appropriate behaviors associated with each setting
b. Modeling the essential behaviors to meet the standards for each social skill in various settings
c. Asking students to explain how they would respond in hypothetical situations
d. Providing numerous opportunities to role-play the learned skills in different settings

In this question, the keywords that stand out are “social skills”.

This looks like it’s coming from Competency 6.

So if this is a competency that you are having trouble with, this questions would be a great help to study.

Now, let’s breakdown the question even more. It is asking for what “will best help the students” with “social skills” in a “variety of settings.” Now that we have the keywords from the specific question, let’s break down the answers.

A, is more teacher telling students. This is not the best help, nor does it provide the best variety of settings. So A is forsure not the answer.

B is trying to catch you off guard by using the word “Model”, don’t be fooled though. This answer is not the best help for the students.

C is also not the best help for the students, because it is just a question.

D though, is the best answer. D gets the students engaged, provides a role play opportunity, and would be the best answer out of the four. D is the correct answer.

There are many more questions like this in our study guide. Please take a look at what we can help you with.

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