Thank You For Being A Teacher

I think the hardest occupations, are some of the least thanked(and a lot of times, underpaid). But teaching is forsure one of them.

So to start off this I just want to say thank you. We might get a thank you once a year from our Admin, but not a personal thank you. It’s one of those either at the end of the year, or the beginning of the year. I get a few thank yous from my students, but it’s probably cause I lent or gave them something, but I’ll take it. At the high school level, parents don’t give out as much thank yous, if any.

But from one teacher to another, thank you. Thank you for putting up with all the changes and adaptation needed this last year and a half. Thank you for all the sweat, love, and tears put it. Thank you for just showing up to work, unfortunately this year, we’ve had a lot of teachers out of the classroom, at my school personally. Thank you for not leaving. Thank you for putting up with illogical and simple minded admin(for some of you). Thank you for showing grace to the students in need of it.

The teachers that I personally remember from pre-k – 12th grade, were the ones that showed me love and grace. Ms. C, the health science teacher my junior year. My mom was a recent single mother of three, me being the oldest. It was really hard to wake up in the mornings, there was still a lot of stress and unknown from losing my father. It was a daily grind. And I would show up late to first period. Not intentiaonally though. But Ms. C never gave me a tardy. I don’t know why, maybe she could just tell, but she showed me grace every morning I was late, which really helped me get through that year.

So thank you for everything you do, and especially the grace you send out in your career.



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