How Can I Prepare For My First Year Of Teaching?

Your first year, will always be your most memorable, no doubt. Mine was chaotic, frustrating, but joyful.

Because everything is so new, the will be a significant learning curve. It is said by some that after your third year, you will know whether or not you’re sticking with this career.

There were some rookie mistakes that I made my first year.

Took The First Offer

I honestly should have done more research into the school district I applied for, but it was already August of that year, and I knew it was slim pickings at that point. But looking back, I should have been patient. Granted I would never take my first year back in any manner, but for advice for the rookies out there, take your time choosing your place of work.

Different Thoughts

I honestly went into teaching thinking I would be presenting to young education hungry students and that they would gain so much knowledge from me. LOL! It was a rude awakening.

Admin had different priorities for my position. I was told that I would only have to coach one sport and teach one class, man did that change my first day. All the sudden I was now coaching three sports, in charge of yearbook, a senior sponsor, teaching three different subjects in grades 7th-12th, required to get CDL, and I had to mow my own lawn. I asked the principal and athletic director how I was suppose to get this all done, and they said “just do it”.

I probably never really was able to teach what I wanted to in my classes, let alone teach at all, because athletics and clubs took all of my time. The AD would have his classes help him outside with sport things during class time. I was like, how are our students learning right now.

It was honestly a joke, as far as formal education went. Even with TEA people on campus, we still pushed athletics over academics.

So long story short, your campus will most likely have other priorities than the subject you teach, maybe.

To be continued……….


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