How To De-Stress As A Teacher

Teaching is very stressful, inside and outside of the classroom. These are just some helpful suggestions, in my opinion.

Don’t Take Yourself Too Serious

I work with this one teacher and he is so mean to many of our students. He looks miserable at life, and unfortunately he wants to become and administrator(God help us). We need strict teachers, no doubt. But this guy looks like he’s going to give himself a heart attack when he yells. He’s really not helping his body or his heart when he exerts the energy he does daily.

Moral of this story is, be strict, but don’t let it affect your health. If you are taking the stress home with you in anger, that is not helping you or your loved ones around you.

Take A Day Of Rest

My faith highly suggest resting on Sundays. For real though, I see some of these teachers working hard all day Saturday and hard all day Sunday. I get it, your passionate and dedicated, that’s awesome! But you’re also human, and as humans we have limitations, even electronics have limitations. If I ran my computer at high speeds all the time, I’d give it a good year before it burnt out, or I’d turn it off from all the electricity it was taking up.

Give yourself one day of the week to turn it all off. It will do the body good, I promise.

Get 7-8 Hours Of Sleep

When we don’t get adequate sleep, we start messing up, a lot. First our health will deteriorate. You will start making poor decisions on what you eat, then your will start eating more sugar and carbs(mostly fast food), then you will only slow yourself down more.

Also your mood will be affected, affecting your overall decisions. I know this may sound easy, but I am willing to bet, that with a little effort, anything is possible.

Foster Your Family/Friendship Relationships

Family is the one of the most important relationships in my life. Take care of those who love you. Invest time and effort with them. Looking back, some of my most memorable moments outside of teaching have been gathering with my friends and family on different types of occasions. My family and my friends have helped me get through some of the hardest moments of my life. Make sure to keep watering this garden of relationships.

Overall, if you don’t take care of yourself, then who will. So please take care of yourself, enjoy the moments, and keep persevering.

Best wishes,


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