How To Take Care Of Yourself As A Teacher

I hear from seasoned veteran teachers all the time, it was never this hard years ago. Honestly, I believe them.

As teachers we are constantly asked and told to do more. District: “We want to implement this new idea. But who will do it for us? The teachers!”. The State: “We want this changed and added in our state. But who will do it for us? The teachers!”. It’s just more and more being added to our plates. And for what? Pya has gone up slowly, there is no additional help for us. No one has our back besides our colleagues, families, and friends. And also me.

Take Care Of Your Needs

This may seem selfish, but I’m looking out for my own needs before anything else, when it comes to work. For my family and faith, that is put before my needs. But with work, if you work harder, are you given any recognition? Do your students work harder for you? Does your pay go up? Do you get more help to keep it going? The answer is most definitely not.

For me, if I’m not in a good mood and feeling it, unfortunately it will be the same for those around me. That’s why I have to take care of myself first at work. When I’m told to do an extra duty, I saw I’m already in charge of another duty. When they ask me to do an after school event, I say I already am doing one.

When they say you have to come in on my off day, I let them know my family comes first.

Unfortunately, even in our field, our school and district will take advantage of our kindness. So we in turn have to respond coldly, if we want to sustain ourselves in our career.

I know this sounds very self-centered, but I am seeing to many teachers leave the field too fast. I talk with my colleagues all the time, and most of them inform me they’re barely hanging on.

We have to set buffers in our work. Let them know we are human, and only can do so much. There are only 24 hours in a day, we need 8 of those for sleep, 8 of them to our family and selves, and they get the other 8. It costs us time and energy when they ask more, but they can’t give us more time or energy throughout the day. Because of this, we need to give them limits.

It is only up to us, to take care of ourselves. Cause if we don’t do it at work, no one else will.

I sincerely hope this helps.


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