How Do I Survive Teaching?

This is a valid question, and an honest one at that. I would ask myself this for the previous three school years.

I was teaching at the high school level and it was overwhelming, super overwhelming. They wanted me to do all types of different classes, all types of different duties, help my students pass these ridiculous certifications, it was crazy hell.

I knew I needed a change, but I worked in the corporate world and it was just the same if not worse.

That’s when I tried changing grade levels. I would tell my former principal all the time, why would I do all this when the middle school and elementary teachers get paid the same amount. He never knew how to respond to that. He knew I could be doing 70% less than my current workload, get home earlier, and be a very sane teacher. I finally stopped talking and started doing.

I am at the middle school level now, and in a better school district. It’s not picture perfect, but my life is a whole lot better now. I get home earlier, get paid more, and I like who I work for(as far as admin goes). I am very blessed to be in this position that I am in now.

So before you go looking for jobs outside of teaching, I would highly suggest to ask yourself; “would another district be more beneficial?”, “Would changing teaching subjects or grade levels, make my life more bearable?”. These are honest and hard questions, but they will be very helpful with surviving teaching.

The corporate world might work for some former teachers, but not for me. They’re only concern is profits, they could care less about their workers and staff. So before you jump ship out of the teaching field, think long and hard about what’s really on the other side. I would even suggest to find someone that does the type of job you want to apply to, and ask them their dis-likes and their likes of their current position.

I hope to share more on how to not just survive in teaching, but thrive.



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