What I Would Tell My First Year Self

It will be seven years ago this summer, that I first started teaching.

If I could go back and tell myself what to do, and what not to do. I think it would save me a lot of headaches.

My list of helpful advice to myself:

  • Don’t over volunteer yourself.
  • Offer a polite “no” instead.
  • You are worthy of the best school district.
  • Put your needs first.
  • Don’t take work home with you(especially emotionally).
  • Hold on to your true work friends.
  • Don’t worry about write ups.
  • Take care of yourself during the school year, so you can enjoy the breaks.
  • Just because other teachers are doing it, doesn’t mean you have to.
  • Create professional relationships with your students(classroom management 101).

My first year of teaching I was hired to teach one sport, teach two different subjects, and manage yearbook.

When they realized I could do all that pretty competently, they started to ask me to do more. I wanted to make a good impression and prove I was an amazing teacher, so I took on more. But by the end of the year I deeply regretted ever allowing myself to take on more.

At the end of my first year I had taught four different subjects, coached three different sports, become the senior sponsor(had to raise at least two thousand dollars), became the district technology department, mowed all the fields I coached on, and I was threatened into getting my CDL(in which I did). On top of what I was originally hired for.

They also didn’t pay me for completing the yearbook, because I didn’t raise all of the $1,700 required for it.

Long story short, please don’t over volunteer yourself and offer a polite no instead.

Better District

I could have solved most of my first year problems, if I had just waited for one of the bigger districts to get back to me.

But I took the first offer I received and didn’t do my research.

I hope to share more on the other bullet points.

I truly hope this helps you in some way.

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